Mityana is an Anglican Diocese in Uganda, formed from the districts of Kibogo & Mubende, is in the Buganda kingdom. The town of Mityana (shown on the map) is one of the major towns in the district of Mubende.

Mityana Diocese covers about 10,000 sq. Kms and has a population of approximately 354,000 in 2010. The climate is pleasant all year in mid to late 20s, (which is quite surprising as it is on the equator), but this is due to being on a plateau 1372 - 1448 m above sea level.

There are 2 growing seasons and the land is very fertile. Agriculture is the main economy in this area.

  • Food Crops - Maize, beans, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, Soya beans, yams, finger millet and bananas
  • Cash Crops - Coffee, tea
  • Fruits and vegetables - Tomatoes, pineapples, passion fruits, onions and cabbages

The Diocese of Mityana is a very poor area. A typical house in a village is often no more than a mud hut, built with wattle and daub, with a thatched or corrugated iron roof . Being no larger than a typical English garage, these houses can accommodate up to 12 people living in extended families. Towns are slightly better, although poverty is still widespread.

Like much of Africa, Uganda has been devastated by AIDS. A large proportion of the adult population are infected by the HIV virus, leaving many children orphaned or whole families dependent upon their children for income. Many children live with their elderly grandparents or guardians. Malaria and TB are also widespread.