Mavuvumira Primary School

This small primary school is situated a two-and-a-half-hour drive by 4x4 from Mityana Town in a rural area where the population consists mainly of subsistence farmers.

In 2005, a Youth Group from St Sebastian's Church, Wokingham and Charity members visiting this area in the bush and seeing the conditions of the school, felt they needed to try and raise money for a permanent building. At that time the school consisted of 2 small rooms made of wattle and daub to waist height, and a thatched roof, which was falling apart. The teaching resources comprised of 3 damaged blackboards.

Building work started and together St Sebastian's Youth group and Mityana Charity provided money for a classroom which can also be used as a community hall.

In 2006 the Charity donated 1250 to complete the roof and guttering. A water tank was purchased with the funeral donations from our late sponsor, Geoff Hamilton, who visited the school with us in 2005.

Mavuvumira Primary School has become the main focus for the Youth Group and a latrine and second classroom have been built.

In 2010 all the children in the school were given a Life Straw to enable them to drink clean water.

In 2011 mosquito nets were taken out to the community and a demonstration given by the local UNICEF representative to show the people how to use them. Alison Goddard a school nurse from Wokingham showed the community the importance of hand washing in combating the transmission of germs.

In 2012 an earthquake damaged the latrine making it unusable and funds are being provided for a replacement. 

The Mityana Charity - Registered
The Mityana Charity - Registered charity no. 1064825