Healthcare remains a high priority for the charity in Mityana. In particular the place of the diocesan (and other) clinics supported by the Charity is important in the provision of both diagnostic and therapeutic services, including the diagnosis and treatment of malaria and AIDs, ante- and post-natal care and vaccination programmes. In addition we supply ongoing support for a mobile health worker in the area.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have been able to build, equip and maintain a number of clinics across the Mityana Diocese. Several of these are in relatively remote locations.

Following a survey of a representative sample of clinics in the Diocese, we were able to identify the provision of facilities for water harvesting and storage as an immediate need. Thanks to a generous grant from the Sykes Committee at St Sebastian's Church, Wokingham Without, we have been able to address a number of issues in this area. As of the current date (mid-August, 2013) the status of these projects is as follows. At Lulagala Clinic, we have replaced an asbestos roof with one of a more suitable material for rainwater harvesting and updated the guttering and pipework for water collection. Work to install new gutters, pipework and a storage tank has also been completed at Makonzi Clinic. At Kyankowe Clinic, the installation of a new rainwater harvesting and storage system is in its final stages. Work has now been started at one of our more remote sites, Kyato, where, in addition to installing a collection and storage system at the Clinic, we are also installing a new tank at the School. The final project in this series, at Mawujjo, will start shortly. In addition we know that there are issues in the provision of accommodation for the live-in staff on many sites - as an example, in one particular case we are aware that the only accommodation available to the nurse on site is in a ward which is shared with TB patients.

We are looking forward to addressing further issues such as these and in addition we will be looking for grant aid for building improvements in a number of sites and potentially for the building of a new clinic in an area where there is demonstrable need.