Many children in Uganda do not know their rights and where to get help. Our team have started to work with our sponsored children and then going into local schools to discuss these issues. Eventually it is envisaged that children, who have problems, will have a system to get confidential help like Childline.

We are doing what we can to help prisoners in Mityana

Conditions in prison are harsh, unsanitary and severely overcrowded. Often even basic physical needs are barely met. In one prison, prisoners were down to one meal a day and were having to work in the fields growing food from 7.00am till 5.00pm every day, 6 days a week, on this meagre diet. None of the prisons has running water, and most badly need plastic water holding tanks and roof guttering to enable them to harvest rainwater during the wet season. There are no washing facilities and water is very scarce. Prisoners sleep on the bare floor in crowded conditions and consequently skin diseases and other communicable diseases spread. Blankets, soap and clothes are also urgently needed. Should anybody live like this?

A cell for 20 men with a leaky bucket for a toilet! No mattresses

Women and children in their cell

These men were given mattresses and mugs

The men have to go out on work gangs so that the prison earns money to feed them. Often they are digging with no shoes and their feet get badly lacerated. The prisoners are fed once a day on a diet that is almost completely carbohydrate. The conditions for women prisoners are little better, and they are often accompanied by small children who badly need their diet to be supplemented with fresh fruit and milk.

Donations through our Gift Scheme will be used for water tanks, medication, soap, blankets, fruit and milk for the children.