Further Education

About half of our sponsored children leave school after four years of secondary school or even before. Although they have gained a great deal from their education they would struggle to find any work throughout their lives, besides subsistence farming or small trading for minimal profit, without any further training. We therefore try to ensure that they can learn skills such as motor mechanics, tailoring, catering, welding, plumbing, electrical work, computer literacy, animal welfare or carpentry. Some of them train as apprentices whilst others go to specialist colleges.

Even three good A Levels are not enough to ensure their futures so we try to help them gain diplomas in subjects that lead to a good job. At present we have students training as a midwife, medical lab technician, public health worker and clinical health worker. We find that funding students to study for degrees is too expensive for the majority of sponsors so we have decided that we will only ask for funding for upkeep at university if students do well enough to gain a government scholarship for their tuition fees. At the moment we have university students studying entrepreneurship, agricultural mechanics and engineering.