History - 1994 to 2007



Sponsorship scheme started with 6 children

Kikumbi church roof constructed

1995 - 2000

Lay Reader training

Projects at Mityana Junior School teachers' accommodation electricity, Glenburnie Butega school - buildings, sewing machine for tailoring class, animal projects - goats, chickens, silk farm

Orphanage classroom built with Tim Gomm and a group of youth and adults from St Sebastian's church

Training of Rev Frederick Kanyoni

Temporary classrooms at the orphanage

Replacement gutters at Mityana hospital

2001 - 2004

Other classrooms built at Orphanage(with help from other funders from OASIS)

Training of Rev Mishaka Lubega

Beds bought for dormitory at orphanage

Clothes given for newborns at the hospital

Bibles given

Pigs and shelter built at orphanage.

Immunisation and worming of children at the Orphanage

Orphanage boys dormitory (skeleton building bought and converted).
New latrine built at orphanage.
2 cows and a shelter at Orphanage

Training of Rev Eridard Nsubuga

Orphanage boys dormitory (skeleton building bought and converted). New latrine built at orphanage. 2 cows and a shelter at Orphanage Classrooms, pit latrines and large hall (in conjunction with Whitchurch Deanery) at Mityana Junior school.

Neighbours ministry (Jethro and Loi now head at Nabukenya primary school) for disadvantaged girls - money for knitting needles, sewing machines and sewing materials to make uniforms to sell

Part payment of teachers salaries at Orphanage school

2005 - 2006

89 people trained as Birth Assistants, Laboratory Assistants or Veterinary Assistants. Each health clinic was presented with an essential copy of "When there is no doctor!"

Kyanamugera Health Centre II developed and a steriliser, gutters and water tank and solar panels bought and staff quarters built

Microscopes given

Computers given to the Tropical college

102 children sponsored

A pass on Pig Scheme started for Home Groups in Kabule Parish


First classrooms built at Nabukenya Primary school

Installation of a water tank at Bukwiri Health centre

200 mosquito nets distributed in Kyato community

Buwata Health centre got a water tank, a bicycle and also Maternity ward built.

Installation of a solar panel at Kyanamugera clinic, 2 bicycles donated and also staff quarters built.

A vaccine fridge from Government for Bamusuuta Health Unit.

Home based care for HIV/AIDS patients

500 Health workers trained as lower cadres to reach the rural parts of the diocese.

Provision of enough drugs to some of our Health centres thru Pull and Push program from Government.

Building a new Health unit- Good Shepherd clinic in Kiboga.

Oxen trained to pull plough and cart at Nabukenya Primary school

Mamumuvira classrooms (St Sebastian's youth)


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