Whatever shall I buy for them?



Our "New Life" gifts are the answer to your present problem. For more gifts see our ORDER FORM

Buy a gift that can be sent to Mityana to help alleviate poverty and make a real difference in the life of a very poor person. We will send you an attractive card that you can give to your friend or relative, which tells them what has been donated on their behalf.

£5 gives porridge for hungry children

 £5 gives medicine for a sick child

£15 provides a grandparent with food for a month

£7.50 buys a mosquito net to help relieve malaria

£46 for a solar light enables a family to have light

£15 buys vegetable seeds that will provide food for a family and they can sell the spare at the market

£47 buys a pig and your gift will MULTIPLY. Some of its litter will be passed on to other poor people

£10 provides books for resource centre

£95 buys a bike for a secondary child, who walks huge distances to get to school. A bike will change their lives.


How does it work.... does my money really go on the gifts I choose?

All the gifts on our new gift list are regularly provided by Mityana Charity.

Proceeds from these gifts, less the 5% administration costs (which are applied on all donations to cover the costs of administering our charitable activities), are spent on enhancing the lives of the most vulnerable children in and around Mityana.

As you would expect, we work hand in hand with the local communities to make sure that we use the resources where they are most needed.

In some cases this means that it would not be appropriate to provide the exact gift chosen. Put simply: if our supporters have all chosen goats, but a community needs cows, then we will provide cows for that community. This common sense approach makes sure that your donation is used in the most effective way possible to enable the best solution for the poorest families that we encounter.

Where you have specified a gift for a sponsored child, this is of course directly honoured.

If you have any questions or queries, please email us. We really want to hear from you...

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