Mosquito Nets

Over 500 children died of malaria in one month in Kasambya sub-county, part of the Mityana Diocese. Many children and adults are continuously having to be treated with intravenous drips to control severe episodes.

So far 1077 treated nets have been distributed in the Buwaata Community.

When we arrived there were 100 people waiting and by the time we left there were 2000!

In addition treated nets have been given to the children at the Orphanage school (300), St Anne's school (200), Nabukenya school (300) and Mavuvumira school (300), and all 200 sponsored children received treated nets in 2012 & 2016.

As the nets do not last forever we have to replace these every 4 years and also add for new sponsored children.

The Mityana Charity - Registered
The Mityana Charity - Registered charity no. 1064825