The definitive source of information on how charities and you can benefit from the tax concessions is Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). CAF is a registered charity and can advise on the best method to suit your circumstances and will make it possible to direct your contributions to the charities of your choice. Remember, the amount you give will be enhanced by a very substantial amount if you fill in a simple Gift Aid Declaration form. CAF is easily contacted - click here.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Send a cheque or PO together with a signed Gift Aid declaration form to Mityana Charity and we can recover your tax at the basic rate and add it to your contribution. To get a declaration form click here.

Set up a standing order to make a regular donation.

Give As You Earn (if you are employed) enables you to contribute automatically before tax, then the Government adds a further 10%.

Leave a legacy in your Will and smile because it will be free of Inheritance Tax.

Make a donation in memory of a loved one -

Create your own CAF Charitable trust and if you can set aside a considerable sum of money the taxman will add more.

Or why not give stocks and shares and you may receive capital gains and personal tax relief on those gifts, whether you want to give just a few or are wealthy and wish to support charitable institutions or universities, (tax relief on the latter can be very significant). See CAF or Sharegift below for more info on donating shares.

Charities Aid Foundation

CAF's site, To find out all you need to know about tax-effective giving and the options available, including giving shares.

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