Human Rights and Prison Projects (HRPP)

This arm of the charity has expanded considerably over the last couple of years, mainly because we have broadened our efforts to include heightening awareness of childrens' rights in the district in an attempt to reduce the level of domestic abuse that is prevalent throughout Uganda.

To this end a symposium was held in October 2016 (which we hope will become an annual event) to discuss the issues surrounding childrens' rights in the area. It proved a useful forum for all agencies involved to swap ideas and raise awareness of the sometimes tricky subject of the relationship between parent and child within the home environment.

What we are doing to improve Children's Rights:

• Setting up Human Rights and Peace Clubs in schools, organising and carrying out the training of their officers

• Organising Human Rights debating competitions at schools

• Holding talk shows on local radio

• Continuing with the training of all those involved in agencies that deal with children

We are doing what we can to help prisoners in Mityana

Conditions in prison are harsh, unsanitary and severely overcrowded. Prisoners can be held on remand for an indefinite period, never knowing when their case will be heard, however minor the charge. To this end the Charity has continued to provide prisoners with legal advice to assist them with their cases and to advise them of their rights as well as try and help them with medical or family concerns.

Organised visits by foreign travellers to the area are a vital tool in raising awareness of the conditions that prevail in the area's prisons. Various gifts and donations of mattresses and basic provisions have been made by visitors through the Charity which have been most welcome.

Much has been done to try and improve the lot of women prisoners. Arts and crafts activities have been introduced to give them something useful to do, to alleviate the boredom and provide them with a skill that they might be able to use on release. Funds raised by the Charity have bought the necessary equipment for rug and necklace making and pay for a volunteer to visit the prison and teach the women how to use it.


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Women and children in their cell

A cell for 20 men with a leaky bucket for a toilet! No mattresses

These men were given mattresses and mugs

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