History - 2008 - 2010



Bicycles for lay readers

Prison work, blankets, food, bibles, water tanks

Mamumivira school water tank and school latrines

House built for Anna Marie

School links set up

Training of Rev Sseguya Wilberforce

A home for Diana

161 children sponsored


Special needs training by teacher from UK

Bunk beds bought for St Mary's school for the deaf

Water filters and water tanks given to schools

Training of Rev Ssemugooma Moses

2nd classroom block started at Mamumivira

2 brick making machines bought at Lwankuba Coffee Farm

Donation for work of health worker for elderly


Solar panels installed at Nabukenya Primary school

Clinic development completed at Buwata

Wheelchairs given to disabled

Orphanage - money given towards nursery classroom through Esuubi Trust

Mamumuvira children all given lifestraws

Orphanage children all given mosquito nets

Training of Rev Lukabwe Emmanuel

1077 mosquito nets given out at Buwata clinic

Tractor arrives at Lwankuba Coffee Farm from HHP

Motorbike given to health worker

Water tap for orphanage (St Sebastian's school)

Mosquito nets given to children at Nabukenya Primary school and St Annes

1st Teachers accommodation block built at Nabukenya Primary school

2 boreholes at Nabukenya Primary school and farm


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